August 10, 2019
6 months and 13 days since
our celebration.
Welcome to our family reunion website!!!
Please take the time to peruse the four links immediately below the “WELCOME” Link on the Home Page:  
“Location of Reunion”
”Details of Event”
”Elk County PA Info”
”Travelers Info" (info on things to do, where to stay, restaurants, etc)

    After reviewing the above links, please go to the Home Page and click "Step 1 RSVP" and complete the RSVP form. Your choices are:  YES, NO AND NOT SURE.
     Hopefully, after looking over the first four links following  the "Welcome" link,  we have convinced you to come and join the fun, good food; and, most importantly, connect with other families and share stories of ancestors who have emigrated from Bianchi to the United States and Canada.   Many have removed themselves from Bianchi and now live in other parts of Italy.  Wouldn't be wonderful if someone from Bianchi shows up at this reunion?

Never forget that we are who we are because of them!
 It is hard to believe that it has been over 100 years since some of our earliest Bianchi family emigrated from Italy.  They left but never forgot their homeland.

     The next step will be to go back to the Home Page and click  "Step 2 Registration" and complete this form.  You will be asked to log in and then you must create a user identification and password in order to continue the registration process.   Only those who have registered and have received confirmation will have access to certain links; such as Family stories, photos, Memorials and guest lists. 

The final step will be "Step 3 Buy a Ticket”.  Go back to the Home Page and click on this link.

Instructions for completing the Registration and to Buy the Tickets are explained within those two links. 

  The Invitation above is being sent out to close family members whose address is known; however, please feel free to share it with other families from Bianchi who may not have received this invitation by clicking the button below "Tell a Friend" or email me a request and I will see to it that they get an invitation by email or U.S. mail service.  Please contact Nancy Aiello Thayer if you need assistance. 321-239-2847.

You may have seen this Invitation posted at a local community club, newspaper, Italian Club, Genealogy  or Historical Society in your city.    We thank those organizations who have assisted in promoting this reunion and hope that we haven't missed you.
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