The main meal will be catered and the cost per adult meal and children’s meal are reasonable. Ages 12 and up are Adult Meals and are $18; children ages 6-11 are $10 and children under 5 years are free.  Note:  There is no registration fee There will also be the usual hamburgers and hotdogs for the little ones. My brother, Frank will bring a portable grill to do this.   If anyone else has a small portable please let me know.
a)  THE MAIN MEAL:  The event's main meal at approximately 1:00 p.m. will be catered food.  This was a  decision that was made based on numerous reasons:  Nancy secured a beautiful location in Pennsylvania far from her home in Florida.  The facility lacks a full size stove and oven, the distances family will have to travel, the concern for keeping food hot while on the road,  less work for the female of the house,  Nancy not having to coordinate who is bringing what and how much and whether it is enough and worrying whether someone gets to the reunion on time. There is a full size refrigerator and they do have some warming trays available.  The Building is quite impressive and has a beautiful stone two sided fireplace to the indoors and outdoors.  It has retractable glass doors that open on nice warm days and a beautiful view of the meadow and surrounding Forest . We will have more time for playing games, dancing, sharing family stories, trees and photos.  We have compromised somewhat - read the next paragraph!
b)  APERITIFS:  At around 5:00 p.m., we will have our Italian Aperitifs (Italian Aperol Spritz) with little finger foods.  Feel bring to be a little something:   a wedge of cheese, fresh fruit (figs/grapes/melon); appetizers that may be refrigerated (there is a refrigerator); Italian cold meats, marinated olives, mushroom.  Instead, you may wish to bring some Italian homemade cookies.

Nancy will provide for a family reunion cake, wine, soda and water.  Those who like beer, please bring your own brand as beer drinkers have their preference.  Also, see under "Travelers" the Straub Brewery tour and store where you may want to pick up some wild country Pennsylvania beer!

Please wear colors of Italy:   Green, White, Red and black for accent color.    We wish to do a group photo with some type of banner about Bianchi and our roots.    If you have any Italian props to use for photos please bring them too. 
Wear comfortable athletic shoes for hiking and playing outdoor games.   Bring socks and tennis shoes and a pair of long pants and jacket just in case the weather is chilly outdoors.


Folding chairs for sitting outside.  The facility has tables and chairs inside but does not allow them to be taken outside. Do bring your adult children and your grandchildren. This is a family reunion.  Give them the gift of a family memory.  

Bring cameras with distant lenses and  bionoculars to look for Elk.   You are more likely to see Elk early morning and early evening.

Italian CDs to play or if you or your child play a musical instrument, please bring that along.

Family photos to share and family trees.  If you can, please place them in a scrapbook or glare free large size photo album so others may take photos of them without removing from the album.   Be sure to label all photos with persons in photo and year of photo or approximate year..   Please bring only copies of prints.

Sunscreen and insect repellent.  The location is in a forest environment surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest!

Italian games, several bocce balls:  one for youngest ones, one for middle age kids and one for big ones and one for the older group.  I have one to bring.   Any games for indoor and outdoor fun.   

Check back for additional suggestions and please email any suggestions that I have missed.

​​What to Do and See and Where to Stay:
See Hotels reserved, activities, restaurants under "Travelers Info".